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2019 GMC | R3B9 | Locastro, Lizotte, McBeth, Dickerson | Disc Golf

You’re watching Disc Golf tournament coverage of the Men’s Moving Day Third Round Lead Card at Discraft’s 2019 Green Mountain Championship. This is the final stop of the Disc Golf Pro Tour before the Tour Championship. Our coverage is brought to you by Discraft, Grip6 Belts, and of course the JomezPro Patreon Community.

Paul McBeth
Chris Dickerson
Simon Lizotte
Nikko Locastro

BigSexy Commentary:
Nate “Sexy” Sexton & Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling

Brewster Ridge DGC | Smugglers’ Notch Disc Golf Center, Vermont



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  1. Dickerson miss so many opportunities. Paul leaves the door open and they run into the wall. They leave a door open and Paul walk right in.

  2. Why do they put the wood chips around the baskets?

  3. As always Jomez, thank you for the excellent quality of coverage. The level at which Paul McBeth is playing at just makes me laugh as I watch this, I wish we had the kind of post coverage back in Climo’s day because I couldn’t imagine seeing him do to his competitors what Paul is doing to his but even more so for Climo then. Paul is the GOAT of his time and its amazing to watch near perfection in game of imperfection.

  4. Nate, Jeremy, and fans reading this: Please share your opinion on the use of PDGA number as the determining factor in breaking 4th place ties to determine which pro is shown on lead card. (currently, lowest PDGA number makes lead card coverage) This is a somewhat silly and arbitrary qualifier. Getting a PDGA number at age 3 does not make you the best choice for lead card coverage. A better approach would be to compare prior round scores on the most difficult holes starting with the #1 handicap. The T4 player with the most birdies on the 5 hardest holes would be most likely to produce good highlight footage on the lead card. This should be how the 4th player on lead card should be determined . **all opinions welcome**

  5. 3:11 “That’s why he’s gonna be so great from a kneeling place, because he’s gonna be using all that wrist and arm energy”

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