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6 Baseball Hitting Drills to work Middle/Opposite Field! (and to STOP✋Pulling the Ball/Roll Over)

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In this video I share with you 6 baseball hitting drills to work on hitting the baseball to the middle and opposite field. These 6 baseball hitting drills are great hitting drills for guys who always pull the ball and want to fix that. So if you’re a guy who pulls the baseball or has a roll over in their swing, check these hitting drills out and see if they’ll help fix the issues in your baseball swing. Here are the 6 Baseball Hitting Drills below:

1) 3:03 Angled Toss Hitting Drill
2) 4:23 Open Stance Hitting Drill
3) 5:15 Catch & Crush Hitting Drill
4) 6:13 PVC Hitting Drill
5) 7:34 Line Drive Pro Drill (see link below)
6) 8:42 Connection Ball Drill (see link below)


Hitting Tool used in Drill 5

Hitting Tool used in Drill 6




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Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment below and let me know which one of these 6 baseball hitting drills will you be stealing to work on your baseball swing this season? Also, let me know what you’d like to see in the future whether it be more hitting drills, videos about improving your baseball swing, swing mechanics, swing plane. Whatever it is, let me know down below!

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  1. YouGoProBaseball

    SUBSCRIBE for extra base hits 😜🤔👉

  2. Do u have any tips for reading pitches from there hand when hitting

  3. thanks have my first practice today in middle school

  4. Fourth. Thanks coach

  5. We literally will put the ball on a tee, place it on the inside corner of the plate, and just tell the boys hit this up the middle. They learn within the first few swings to keep their hands in. The fence drill is good for casting issues too. Thanks coach, and we will see you in Florida in July…direct select baby!!

    • YouGoProBaseball… no worries brother. Would like to discuss his pitching mechanics with you at some point though in order to improve.

    • YouGoProBaseball

      Gram Messer I didn’t want to say anything! Congrats though now that you know! See you in July! 🙌

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