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#1 Key for the golf swing is balance according to Ben Hogan. Remember, you don’t want your toes to be saving you from falling over!

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One year after opening the MSE Academy, and after dozens of clinics and MSE Intensives, I have finally produced an instructional video with the entire My Swing Evolution Golf System that I teach my students from all around the world. I believe this common sense approach to learning how to rebuild your golf swing is one of a kind. This video is over two hours long, with 3 separate levels to dig into and many drills. Level 1 is everything I needed to know to break par. Level 2 and 3, take you deeper into the nuances of MSE swing theory.

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  1. That’s really good advice.

  2. Agree 100%. I listened for a long time to the advice to keep your weight on the balls of your feet only to have it end up on my toes at the end of my swing. Now I aim to have my weight mostly on the left heel at the end of the swing. Ian Woosnam always exemplified this for me. In his prime he had a great swing that ended up with the weight on his left heel. The guy is 5’4” and used to kill it off the tee. His balance was beautiful.

  3. Great tip Christo! About 2 months ago, after a horrendous range session, where I was hitting an inordinate number of shots fat, I suddenly realized my weight was primarily on the balls and toes of my feet. I shifted my weight so I could FEEL the weight slightly more in my heels and instantly hit my irons more pure.. it’s really that simple if you have a tendency to hit the ground before hitting the ball, shift that weight back.

  4. Balance is everything when it comes to swinging a club! A lot don’t realize that they start to lose a little bit of balance at the end of a round due to fatigue. Just something to keep in mind… great video!

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