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Jeter Ybarra – Baseball Highlights – Class of 2020

Get Scouted for NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, or Junior Colleges

You go through the college recruiting process only once. Do you feel 100% CONFIDENT you have the BEST RECRUITING GAME PLAN to maximize your recruiting offers and save time & money?

If you are UNSURE AT ALL be sure to read below

“There is no comparison to the other “recruiting services” out there. We got an amazing baseball scholarship to one of our dream schools.”

Unlike other recruiting companies that have thousands of players in their database and you feel like just a number! We take a personalized approach to help each player and family on an individual and custom basis.

SportsForce Baseball is a nationally recognized college recruiting advisory group. Over the last 10+ years, we’ve helped over 1,000 qualified college baseball prospects make their college commitments on average saving over $80,000 in college financial packages.

With our staff of 25 former college coaches, players, & MLB scouts each year that evaluate 10,000+ players at top events (PG, PBR, Five Tool, Prospect Wire, etc.).

We only work with a FEW HUNDRED qualified college prospects and their families each year to help maximize their recruiting offers.

Trusted Network of College Coach Relationships Nationwide:
We carefully maintain a network of almost a thousand NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and junior college coaches that we have personal relationships with and regularly communicate with in order to give our select group of players’ a competitive recruiting advantage to maximize potential offers.

Twitter Recruiting Exposure:
We also use Twitter to help our players get more recruiting exposure to over 500 NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and Junior College coaches that follow us @SportsForceBB

Options to Get Scouted by Our Expert Staff:

Option 1: Complete Recruiting Questionnaire:

Option 2: DM us with video, stats, & grades: or

Option 3: Email scouting @ with your video, stats, and grades.

Charlie Beilenson – Brown (NCAA DI – Ivy League)
I would 100% recommend SportsForce to other athletes because they made everything so much easier for me. Helping me talk to coaches to teaching me how to stay organized. They told me everything I needed to do in the recruiting process. Getting recruited to Brown is the best thing I could have ever asked for.

Phil Roy – Virginia Commonwealth (NCAA DI)
SportsForce helped so much with talking to coaches and contacting them and giving guidelines on what to say when talking to coaches. They were helpful in gauging the college coaches’ interest and what steps to take in order to get more interest. Also with phone calls and preparing for campus visits. I’m going to VCU because I love the coaching staff and school

Shane Telfer – Pepperdine (NCAA DI)
SportsForce was a big help by streamlining my communication with coaches. They also provided a platform in order to gain more exposure to more schools. I would definitely recommend SportsForce they are great people who are easy to work with and reaching out to coaches was a breeze for them.

Gavin Napier – St. Marys (NCAA DI)
There is a lot that goes into it, and having someone to lean on that knows the rules of engagement, has the contacts, has a proven system that works is a huge help!

They are very connected within the collegiate baseball world and got feedback for us which helped inform us throughout the process. Based on my scholarship offer, my family is saving an estimated $240,000.

Cade Nicol – Colorado Mesa (NCAA DII)
Ryan helped with so many things, answering questions about what coaches were saying or not saying. Calming us down when coaches kind of go in recruiting hibernation. Also, helping us save a ton of $$ by knowing which showcases to attend or not attend. We saved $15,300 per year ($60K+ over 4 years).

“College is not a 4 year decision it’s a 40 year decision. Ultimately our goal at SportsForce is to help student-athletes use baseball and their education to build a successful life after college and become extraordinary men, husbands, fathers, and leaders in the community.”

Our Expert Team:
How We are Different:

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