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Rantanen Training in Bern, CBA Talks Continue and Pre-Season Preview

Correction: Mike Liut is the agent for both Laine and Rantanen, so either the article I read had it wrong or I had a brain fart.

Hey everyone and welcome to another day of hockey as we get closer to the start of the regular season.

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  1. Every NHL fan except Montreal fans: I love the hockey guy

    Montreal fans: we won 24 cups and I also love the hockey guy

  2. AnotherDayInParadise

    Couldn’t one say The Winning Jets are The Packers of The NHL?

  3. Can you do a video about the Agents please. I feel there is things to discuss there. The agents take a pretty large chunk of the players wage and seem to work against their interests sometimes. On the other hand ypung hockey players would be standing alone against multi-billion corps.

  4. I live in Halifax and it would be so amazing to have a team here and I know it won’t have one anytime soon but this is Canada, we love hockey I don’t know if it would do well or not but you can afford to have lower populations in Canada because everyone loves hockey here and people will show up, people forget that hockey was invented in Nova Scotia.

  5. Imagine if Ben H from eBay was secretly Laine and Rantanen’s agent

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