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Sher-wood Rekker M90 & Rekker EK365 Hockey Stick Comparison Review

Thank once again for Sher-wood for sending me the M90 to test and do a review on.

Here is a comparison of the M90 and the older Rekker family. The M90 has an upgraded blade compared to the EK365.

I like the grip on the EK365 & M90 and how it is textured, feels a bit more luxurious than a flat gloss grip.

Stay tuned for more content and reviews on the M90.

Check out the awesome package Sher-wood sent out!


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Equipment Used:
Stick: Sher-wood Rekker EK60, Sher-wood Rekker EK365, Sher-wood M90
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S10
Microphone: Robe Videomic GO

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  1. video the game !

  2. Love my Sher-wood player stick and might get their goalie stick next.

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