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Tennis Serve Tip: Toss Secret Revealed

As you know a good toss is the basis for a great serve.

We also see that most club players really struggle with the toss.

A key factor on the toss is how you hold the ball in your hand.

In this video OTI Instructor Gregg le Sueur shows you an important aspect of this that is rarely discussed.

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  1. Like the comments about how to hold the ball, the drill dropping the ball to feel the relaxed release, and the straight arm using the big muscles in the shoulder. Gregg, in this video and another I remember, raises his hand in front of the baseline instead of parallel or behind the baseline which, of course, aids the amount of coil.

  2. Yeah, you say let the straight tossing arm continue rising. But I was not able to do that, until I realized that I’d need to raise the tossing-arm shoulder while lowering the opposite shoulder.

  3. There are no secrets to a serve

  4. the best tips i find here

  5. This helps out for my tosses significantly. Been doing the basic ice cream toss into the fingertip and never liked it. Shall try out this method instead.

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