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The Voice of REason: Do NOT Expand the NFL Regular Season | The Rich Eisen Show | 5/30/19

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  1. If they make the season longer they would HAVE to expand the roster size. Injuries are already a problem. I dont like the idea at all.

  2. I think they should expand the NFL season by ONE week and give each team TWO by weeks. This will make it so more teams will get on national TV and players are safer because they have more time to recover. The NFL can also justify charging more for TV because there is one more week of football.

    Instead of adding two weeks they should add four NFL teams. That way we can have a team in St Louis, San Diego, Chicago (it is the third largest media market in the USA so it can handle two teams) and Portland Oregon (Portland is the 22nd largest media market in the USA and is not close to any NFL team). Adding four teams in these cities will add over 4 billion to the NFL coffers and an NFL team will be within driving distance of ever top 40 media market save one in the USA.

  3. Make it an even 20 games…

  4. Vote for the Super Bowl Halftime ; 🇺🇸 ZZ Top, The Eagles, Who ever ??? Not the monstrosity what we had last year.

  5. Elias Connolly

    Though I do agree with you that it is a terrible idea, to play DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, why would you not do this in the NFL if it would be an excellent idea in almost ANY OTHER BUSINESS. If a seasonal Ice Cream stand does great business, why would they not expand their calendar, hire more staff, and let your top performing staff have more days off to keep them happy and rested? If people still came to buy Ice Cream just as much, it would be the most obvious business decision an owner could make. Maybe that’s the thinking behind the idea

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