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Tiebreak DRAMA as Corentin Moutet beats Reilly Opelka! | Lyon 2019

Opelka thinks he’s won the match at 6-4 in the tiebreak… but loses a few minutes later! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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  1. if I bet on Moutet this miracle would never have happened. But my money was in the Opelka’s victory … So these comebacks happen constantly. Classic .

  2. Vla Dimirpoutine

    Tant mieux. Dans sa gueule à l’amerloque débile avec sa sale gueule

  3. Martin Kakaščík

    Good ball!

  4. All American tennis players are monsters

    It’s like we have a national sickness that prevents dignified competition

  5. Come on, the line turned white immediately !!! No doubt at all…it was in !

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