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Two Nick Kyrgios Matches in One Day: Best Moments & Great Shots | Queen’s 2019

It’s never boring when Nick’s on the court… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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  1. What a prat this nick is, he doesn’t care if he wins or not, he thinks people come to see him, no they come to see the other guy who will actually become a top ten player

  2. Never giving your all means you always have an excuse for losing, and your opponents never really beat you………’s Kyrgios’s (in)security blanket

  3. what a pity about Kyrgios, his being sucks, it is a pity that he is in sport, horrible example for the young ones !!!

  4. Waiting for the day when he snaps and, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? ARE. YOU. NOT. ENTERTAINED??

  5. Any given day, Kyrgios can beat any player in the world. Does he need to in order to be successful? No, every fan that hates his guts openly has assured his success. He is playing the McEnroe roll to perfection, and that is very marketable.

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